A regular one

1. Happy Ramadan to my Muslim friends! =)=)=). Ahhhhh… feels amazing doesn’t it?

I am shameful to say that the last time I did terawih was when I was a young teenager. So today was the first time after many years that I went for terawih and it was good! Confusing at first but I got the hang of it towards the end. I must thank Zee and my family for the encouragement and I hope I can do more of this, this month.

2. Other news: I got selected for my club’s Team A! 

Don’t know if I should be excited for this. Last year, I was in Team B and it was cool; happy people, taking it easy. Now, I just don’t want Ultimate to be too competitive for me that it’ll zap the fun out of it and then I’ll loathe going to trainings. But I think I got my ulty girls to keep me motivated so yeah, all is well.


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